No savings at 50? I’d buy cheap UK shares after the stock market crash to retire in comfort

Buying cheap UK shares after the stock market crash may not seem to be a sound means of planning for retirement. After all, many FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 companies have declined heavily in value since the start of the year.

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However, their low prices could present buying opportunities. Their recovery potential could mean they provide a sound means of building a retirement nest egg for an investor aged 50, or for those who have a long time horizon.


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Recovering after a stock market crash

The stock market crash has left many UK shares trading at low prices levels. They may persist in the short run, due to ongoing risks such as Brexit and the coronavirus pandemic. But the long-term prospects for indexes such as the FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 could

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Feds still probing ‘murders and drug deals’ linked to 2002 murder of hip-hop legend Jam Master

The federal probe into the 2002 shooting of rap legend Jam Master Jay didn’t end with the August arrests of his alleged killer and a gun-toting sidekick.

Authorities are still investigating “other murders and drug deals” tied to the cold-blooded slaying of hip-hop star Jason Mizell, killed by a single point-blank gunshot to the head in a dispute over a cocaine deal, according to a federal source.

In addition, an FBI document obtained by the Daily News indicated Mizell was already under investigation by the feds at least seven months before his shocking death inside a Queens recording studio run by the world-renowned DJ.

A Freedom of Information Act request revealed a heavily-redacted March 2002 FBI document recounting a subpoena seeking phone records for Mizell and several unidentified other targets.

A spokesman for Brooklyn federal prosecutors declined to comment on the ongoing case, but court papers indicated accused killers Ronald

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Mastercard and GrainChain Give Producers Visibility into Commodity Supply Chains

New partnership brings authenticity to supply chains, tracing more than 24 commodities, such as coffee, sorghum and grain, in Latin America and North America

Today, Mastercard announced a collaboration with GrainChain, a technology company that enables supply chain visibility, empowering suppliers and farmers while reducing risks to buyers in the United States, Mexico and Central America.

Using Mastercard’s award-winning proprietary and industry-agnostic blockchain technology, Mastercard and GrainChain together can create digital records of commodity data, marking Mastercard Provenance Solution’s entry into Central America.

Greater complexity and lack of visibility across global supply chains has made it increasingly difficult for brands to uphold standards and protect their reputations. Together with GrainChain, Mastercard Provenance Solution delivers end-to-end visibility throughout the supply chain, allowing participants to forensically track commodities, from the initial inputs and raw materials to harvesting and processing to logistics and delivery to the consumer’s hands. Doing so enables brands and

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Either I’ve gone crazy or the world has, but I’d keep buying these cheap shares!

The much-feared ‘October curse’ has struck again, with shares diving on both sides of the Atlantic before Halloween. This has been the worst week for the UK and US stock markets since the darkest days of March. The FTSE 100 index lost 280 points (4.8%) to close at 5,577.27 points on Friday. With the US presidential election due next Tuesday, the S&P 500 is even more volatile, down 215 points (6.2%) this week. For pessimists, this has been a grim week. But for optimistic value investors (including me), lower prices make cheap shares even more compelling buys.

Buying cheap shares has been terrible in 2020

As I watch the prices of cheap shares in great businesses descend into the depths, I wonder if I’ve gone crazy and lost the plot. After all, my strategy of buying and holding cheap shares in quality companies for the long term has lately produced

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Lake Erie College to offer masters in professional studies online | News

Lake Erie College is set to initiate a new online Masters in Professionals Studies degree offered by its School of Business with the intention to support a variety of professionals at various levels in their careers.

A news release by the Painesville college states the program will “develop sought-after and marketable skills in areas such as organizational dynamics, leadership, negotiation, and problem-solving.”

Business Dean Jenni Kinnaird said the new master’s program will offer benefits for those seeking to improve their professional abilities while providing a time-friendly learning experience.

“The degree provides both the opportunity to develop specific skills that employers are looking for and the flexibility for students to tailor and complete a degree that meets their specific needs and interests,” Kinnaird said

According to the release, the program will consist of three concentrations: Professional Communication, Organizational Behavior Management and an Interdisciplinary option that “allows students to customize a degree

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BlueVine Announces General Availability of Business Banking with Checking, Payments, and …

Banking solution helps small businesses easily manage and grow their money, and now pay virtually any business expense

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Oct. 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BlueVine, the leading provider of small business banking solutions, today announced the general availability of BlueVine Business Banking, the industry’s first integrated banking, payments, and lending solution designed specifically for small businesses. BlueVine Business Banking was introduced in October 2019 and offers intuitive online services and tools that help small businesses manage their finances with an easy-to-use dashboard to deposit checks, transfer funds, and now, make bill and vendor payments. The BlueVine Business Checking product has seen rapid adoption among BlueVine’s customers since the beta period and is now available broadly to all small business owners.

“Now more than ever, small businesses need simple, easy-to-use financial solutions, services, and guidance that support – not nickel-and-dime – them on their path to recovery

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OCR Solutions: Customer Experience and the Online Business Market

OCR, better known as Optical Character Recognition, is a rather unsung hero of the online business market. The power of extracting text from a paper and importing it to the digital world can work wonders about which many are unmindful. OCR was first used in the early 1920s when Emanuel Goldberg developed an electronic system for document retrieval. Traditional OCR solutions required long hours of training image characters for recognition which spanned over days.

According to a study by PriceWaterCoopers, it takes organizations an average of $20 to file a single record document against each customer, a $120 cost for tracing down a misplaced document, and a total of $220 to reproduce a lost document. Modern OCR solutions can provide effective means of user document creation, fast and easy retrieval of records, and recreating lost files from backup databases.

Why is OCR Important for Online Businesses?

Gone are the days

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Cheap shares: this stock has crashed 38% in a year, but would I buy today?

Barring a late-year miracle, 2020 looks like a year of large losses for most UK shareholders. By Halloween, the FTSE 100 had crashed more than a quarter in 2020, losing 1,965 points (26.1%) to stand at 5,577.27. Things are way better in New York, where the S&P 500 index is actually up 1.2% this calendar year. This American outperformance is largely down to hefty rises in US tech mega-stocks during 2020. Meanwhile, many British mega-cap stocks have suffered heavy losses this year. This convinces me that there are plenty of cheap shares lurking within the FTSE 100 today.

Cheap shares get battered in 2020

Another reason for the significant outperformance of the S&P 500 versus the FTSE 100 is the heavier weighting of growth shares in the US index. Conversely, the FTSE 100 is packed with ‘old economy’ value shares that have fallen out of favour with investors. In fact,

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Detroit Proposal Ordinance Would Grant Legacy Detroiters Incentives Toward Recreational Marijuana Businesses

Following the legalization of recreational marijuana in 2018, the proposed ordinance to diversify Michigan residents’ recreational space is officially announced by Councilman James Tate and Mayor Mike Duggan to the Detroit City Code.

Under the proposed ordinance, “legacy Detroiters” will be granted the opportunity to apply through the social equity program with having a significant preference on licenses, discounts on land, and other incentives towards start-up. The following ten licenses will be available for applicants: medical marijuana provisioning center, adult-use retailer establishment, grower, processor, secured transporter, safety compliance facility, temporary marijuana event, microbusiness, designated consumption lounge, and secure transporter.

“Legacy Detroiters” must currently reside in Detroit and have lived in the city for

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Braxton D. Mitchell, publishing executive and business manager of his wife’s fine arts school, dies

Braxton D. Mitchell, a retired publishing executive who was later the business manager of his wife’s Bare Hills art school, died Oct. 22 of complications from Parkinson’s disease at the Blakehurst Retirement Community in Towson. He was 91.

“Braxton was both modest and smart,” said the Rev. P. Kingsley Smith of Riderwood, the longtime rector of Trinity Episcopal Church in Towson. “I’ve known him since 1957, and we served together in the Marines 4th Engineering Battalion Reserve unit; he was the executive officer, and I was chaplain. I always thought of Braxton as my best friend.”

After serving 25 years in the Marine Corps, Mr. Mitchell retired in 1978 with the rank of lieutenant colonel.

Braxton Dallam Mitchell, son of Rear Adm. Charles W. “Jake” Mitchell Jr., a naval aviator who served in World Wars I and II, and his wife, Nannie Braxton Dallam, a homemaker, was born in Baltimore

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