5 Main Differences Between UK and US Businesses

Considering the common language foundation and the historical ties between the US and the UK, you would think business etiquette would be a simple matter of changing a few spellings and remembering that tea means supper and supper isn’t the same as dinner.

Whether you’re doing business across the pond or just taking a vacation, understanding the differences between U.S. and U.K. business cultures might just save you some embarrassment. Just because the Americans and the British speak the same language, doesn’t mean we can always communicate with each other.

The two countries however, share some similarities. In either the UK or US, you can get a good business loan to take your business to the next level. Just make sure you read a few business bank account online reviews to know their terms, interests, etc.

With that in mind, this article from luminablog.co.uk will show you the top 5 … Read More

Renting an office vs buying an office

There are many of us who, from an early age, are advised that renting a property almost always ends up being a waste of money, over any immediate benefit.

However, different factors need to be considered in this area and much more when the decision revolves around your business and you need to consider buying an office as the final decision can directly influence its success or failure.

Are many people on the luminablog between buying or renting offices? Below, we share the main pros and cons of each option, so you can choose a path that gives you additional guarantees of success.

The benefits of renting an office

You’ll have a wider range of flexibility and mobility options, as you’ll be able to change the location of your office or expand your space quickly as your business grows. Your decision can also be influenced by business mortgage loan reviewsRead More


As small businesses, you have a lot of goals, ideas, targets but low customers and capital. Putting together all your ideas and organizing your company can be quite difficult sometimes and stressful.

However, it is 2021 and technology has taken over to make the work process simpler and faster. If you want to incorporate technology into your business, one thing to do is get the right software for your field.

The right software will help you please your customers and also make the work less tedious.  You can check Collected.Reviews for feedback and customer experiences about software to consider which software to use. These 6 software standout amongst all other software as they help small business get their job done effectively:

1.     ProofHub:

ProofHub is a software that brings you a wide range of functions that can allow you to manage your business. With ProofHub, you can create charts that … Read More

5 Ways Online Marketing Can Help You In Getting Ahead Of Your Competitors

Gone are the days when you don’t have to put a considerable amount of effort into competition when starting a business. In recent times, there are lots of competitions in the market as a lot of people are going into business, and they are all looking for ways to beat the competition.

In business, staying ahead of your competitor is very important. That is why most businesses have taken to online marketing as a way to beat the competition. Almost every business is indeed using online marketing as a tool for enhancing their businesses, but do you know there are ways you can go about your online marketing strategy and stay way ahead of your competitors? Here are some secrets to doing it right.

Start by Researching Your Competitors

Do a thorough research on your competitors; know what marketing strategy they are using and what their customers think about them. … Read More

What are the ways to make your business processes better?

As a business or company, having an effective business process is an important factor in satisfying your customers. A business process is a collection of tasks that are linked, which find their end in the offering or delivering of a task to a customer or client.

Business processes are created to manage how the business works. When everyone in a company follows a well laid out step, there will be fewer errors and delays in service delivery. There will also be fewer duplicated efforts, which will provide more satisfaction for staff and customers alike.

Business optimization for customers experience is one of the major reasons a business process is an ideal addition in every business set up. Having a well thought out business process has one ultimate goal which is to provide better services and experience for customers. When your process doesn’t work or is inefficient, your customers might complain … Read More

Reasons why you should learn how to make safe money transfers online

People send money to other places and countries for various reason including paying employees and supporting family members. Hence, it is important to know how to make safe money transfers online and why you should learn it.

How to make safe money transfers online

Some of the ways to make safe money transfer online are discussed subsequently.

Read online reviews to choose the right app

It is important to use the right app for your money transfer needs. This is one of the ways you can be guaranteed that your online money transfer is safe. One of the ways to know the right app to use for your money transfer needs is to read a list of money transfer services reviews. When you read reviews, you will know the apps that other customers have certified to be good and those they have started to be problematic. Furthermore, you will know … Read More

Best Strategic Business Updates You Should Consider In 2021

We have had an unexpectedly difficult year, but we are almost back on the road to normalcy. Many markets have struggled, and companies have shut down, but somehow, we’ve survived it all; getting ready for 2021 is now a top priority for any company. Before embarking on anything, you should read online reviews about business insurances to understand the importance of insuring your business.

While several businesses have needed to implement new strategies this year, other areas could be leveraged or modified to ensure optimum productivity and profitability in 2021.Us-reviews.com exemplifies some of this strategy.

Below is a look at the top updates you need to introduce in 2021 to boost your business.

v Update Your Site

The website update makes design and content more important and up-to-date while allowing you to exploit online marketing to the fullest. Updating your current website will show your clients how your company … Read More

Why you should improve your business

As a business owner, your mission is to see that your business grows better than it is presently. Most CEOs strive for ways to improve their businesses regularly. Improving businesses is a never-ending journey for owners or CEOs because such a business’s level of greatness increases its patronage, which increases the profit margin of the business. Your company might be running smoothly and efficiently, but you know it could be better if you put in more efforts. Business improvement is needed at every stage of a company’s life span. Some companies like Hiscox insurance asserts to small businesses needing improvement, before providing insurance coverage for them.You would want to read Hiscox insurance review to know if they are worth considering giving a try.

The issues or setbacks occurring in your business can all be worked on by the right attitude and approach to the business. There might be delays in … Read More

Why You Need A Phone System For Your Business

It’s no longer news that we are in the digital age. The advancement of technology has had many effects on how companies operate and interact with customers. Communication is critical to any business. A phone call’s success is one vital way of communication between an employee and a co-worker or between a customer and a business.

Using a phone for your business is the best option for most companies, especially small businesses. To get a phone for your business, you can check out Fonehouse reviews to read about customers’ experiences with their products and decide which of their products to purchase.

Here are some reasons why you need a business phone system in your company.

·       Better customer service

One of the major reasons why it is important to have a phone system for your business is that it increases the service’s standard of service.  Phone systems allow the ability … Read More

Some Questions to Ask Your Web Design Company Before Handing Over the Project

When you want online presence for your business, you need a website designed by a professional web design company. The reason is that a website designed by an amateur could not compete with the millions of websites that are there to carry out various different tasks. When you are confronted with the question of how to find the best web design company, compose a list of questions to ask. You could find a company in your locality or online. In either case you could do your own evaluation by asking these questions. The following are some of the questions you could ask in order to evaluate the web design company you are going to hire.


There are different types of tools used in web design. You must ask them if they have experience in using content management systems such as Drupal and Joomla. Also you could ask if they Read More