Zuora CEO Tien Tzuo – why the subscription model shift renders ideas of front and back office out of date

(Tien Tzuo CEO Zuora speaks at Subscribed 2019 – image via Zuora)

Lower third quarter losses and higher revenues brought some year-end cheer to Zuora as CEO Tien Tzuo argues that the shift to subscription models renders traditional notions of front and back office as “a little bit dated”:

That division made a lot of sense when you were shipping product. The front office sold the product; the back office fulfilled it, accounted for it, collected for it. It’s a very product-centric view of the world.

If you look at the companies that [have] always been subscription businesses – for example, the telecom companies – they don’t look at it like that. They start with the customer and they build great subscriber experiences for those customers. And those subscribers experiences have to span the front office and they have to span the back office, whether it’s calling the call center

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Experts and Leaders Weigh In on How to Fix America

💡 Let mental health experts answer 911 calls

Appropriately triaged calls involving mental health crises coming into an emergency dispatch center can assure “the right work in the right hands” and help 911 center call takers, police officers and mental health personnel work together to provide persons in crisis with the best possible care.

— Chris Magnus, chief of police in Tucson, Ariz.

💡 Listen to the people you disagree with the most

Here is my proposed solution, to be applied one conversation at a time: When confronted with a different view, try to find something you can agree on. You don’t have to change your views. Just be open to the fact that others have theirs, too. It may sound counterintuitive. But it’s the only place to start.

— Heidi Larson, professor of anthropology at the University of London and University of Washington and author of “Stuck: How Vaccine

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Balboa Park observation wheel idea wins preliminary approval

The plan to temporarily place an observation wheel in Balboa Park’s Plaza de Panama has received the support of the city’s official park advisory group.

an aerial view of a city: A conceptual rendering of the proposed observation wheel shows the 148-foot attraction in Balboa Park's central Plaza de Panama. The for-charge ride promises unrivaled views of the city and is intended to reinvigorate the park. (Courtesy, City of San Diego)

© (Courtesy, City of San Diego)
A conceptual rendering of the proposed observation wheel shows the 148-foot attraction in Balboa Park’s central Plaza de Panama. The for-charge ride promises unrivaled views of the city and is intended to reinvigorate the park. (Courtesy, City of San Diego)

Thursday evening, the Balboa Park Committee voted 7-1 in favor of the short-term attraction, or what’s being called the Balboa Park Star, with one member abstaining. That means proponents — David and Leslie Cohn of the Cohn Restaurant Group and operator Sky Views of America — will aim to erect the part-time installation in the spring, following completion of additional steps and easing of state restrictions.

The vote marks an important first step in getting the controversial park ride

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How Warner Bros.’s HBO Max Announcement Will Impact the Movie Business

Warner Bros. sent the movie business spinning on its axis when it announced Thursday that it was releasing its entire 2021 slate on HBO Max at the same time as the movies debut in cinemas. It’s a group of potential blockbusters that includes “Matrix 4” and “Dune,” as well as awards hopefuls such as “Judas and the Black Messiah” — high profile projects that it would have been unthinkable to view as straight-to-streaming endeavors just a few months ago.

Of course, the whole notion of a theatrical debut has been dramatically altered during pandemic times, as major markets like New York City and Los Angeles remain closed, with other cinemas reopening only to shut back down again as crowds failed to materialize for Warner Bros.’ “Tenet,” a sci-fi epic from director Christopher Nolan. And yet, Warner Bros.’ decision is, to use a hackneyed phrase, a game changer, one that could

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Bruins are exploring the idea of playing at Fenway Park in the upcoming season

The Bruins are exploring a fresh-air approach to this coming NHL season’s home schedule: possibly staging games outdoors — maybe even before fans — at Fenway Park.

Talks with the Red Sox and city and state officials have only been exploratory, as the Bruins try to avoid extended time indoors at their usual TD Garden home, where COVID-19 would be more easily transmitted.

“All of it is preliminary, looking at different scenarios, crunching the numbers,” said Bruins president Cam Neely, noting that the team also has been studying return-to-play models for the Garden. “Obviously, what we’re hoping to do is play games again with fans in the stands.”

Neely emphasized that both the state and the city would have to approve such a move, which he said the Bruins have been discussing with the Red Sox for 2-3 weeks.

The Bruins and Red Sox, said Neely, have pondered a number

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Happy 100th Birthday To The Consumer Technology Industry! Part 4: The Birth Of A Business

This week we’re celebrating the 100th birthday of the consumer technology industry with the story behind how our business came to be and of those responsible for creating it. You can read Part 1 here, Part 2 here, and Part 3 here.

Harry Phillips Davis

Dr. H.P. Davis was unusually excited when he bounced into his office in the Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company’s sprawling 92-acre complex in East Pittsburgh bright and early on Thursday morning, September 30, 1920. In the bookish VP’s coat pocket was a clipping of the Horne’s Department Store radio set ad from the previous evening’s newspaper.

Davis bade his secretary a chipper “Good morning!” then, without missing a beat, told her to “ask Frank to come in.” She knew her boss was referring to Frank Conrad, Westinghouse’s sudden resident radio star.

When Conrad arrived, Davis pulled the Horne newspaper clipping out of his pocket, and

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Jefacon Summit With Julissa Prado and Patty Delgado

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - JUNE 29: (L-R) Brittany Chavez, Julissa Prado and Patty Delgado attend the 2019 Girlboss Rally at UCLA on June 29, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Girlboss)
If there is Comic-Con for Marvel-lovers and SantaCon for Kris Kringle’s fan club, what would a convention for Latinas who want to become their own bosses be? You guessed right, Jefacon. Beauty industry moguls Julissa Prado, CEO and Founder of Rizos Curls, and Patty Delgado, Founder and designer of Hija de tu Madre, have partnered with Smashbox in a double on-and-off-line initiative to help other Latinas connect with their inner jefas and inspire them to act on their goals, dreams and business ideas.

Jefacon, the online side of the collaboration, is a compelling virtual event that is taking place on Dec. 5, where these two daughters of Mexican immigrants will be sharing their secrets and advice to start your own business, find purpose, build a brand and put it on the map even if you are on a budget.

“I am where I am because so many women have uplifted

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Having a business plan can help advisors boost their top line

Stacy Brooks, National Practice Management Consultant at Financial Horizons Group.

Let’s jump right in today and talk about Business Planning.

Specifically, we’re going to go over the importance of creating and documenting a vision statement and defining your customer experience.

As a financial advisor, you’re pulled in two directions—looking after your business, as the owner of the business, and looking after your clients’ needs.

This can be a constant struggle to balance your time “on” the business and “in” the business.

Investing time on a documented business plan can actually save you time in the long run—allowing you to keep your focus on your clients.

You and your team get a clear vision of where you want to go—helping with making decisions along the way.

You can define your experience, which helps you to increase your positive reputation.

This may seem like it could be a lot of work, but

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14 Reasons Becoming an Entrepreneur in the New Business Environment Makes Sense

You’ve been thinking about starting your own business, and maybe you’ve run the idea past colleagues. Maybe you’re already pursuing it by writing a business plan and actively seeking funding. It has to be the right time and place, or you shouldn’t take the leap, especially considering the challenges faced by entrepreneurs — even in the best of times.

a man sitting on a bench: Confident online business owner sitting down in workshop looking at camera and smiling.

© Getty Images
Confident online business owner sitting down in workshop looking at camera and smiling.

Then the unexpected happens. Months of uncertainty ensue. Long-established businesses struggle and the future is unknown. Everything seems to point to putting entrepreneurial pursuits on hold. Yet this past year could have been one of the best times to launch a business and become an entrepreneur. Here’s why:

1. Entrepreneurs are multiplying

The U.S. Census Bureau’s records of business applications for the third quarter of 2020 showed a 77.4% increase over the second quarter of

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Zacks Investment Ideas feature highlights: Tesla and Uber

For Immediate Release

Chicago, IL – December 3, 2020 – Today, Zacks Investment Ideas feature highlights Features:Tesla, Inc. TSLA and Uber Technologies, Inc. UBER.

Christmas Coming Early to the IPO Market: DASH and ABNB

The IPO market is scalding hot as this unprecedented year comes to an end, and investors are thirsty for high-risk, high-return equities. The Renaissance IPO ETF (IPO) has more than tripled since its pandemic bottom, and the recent vaccine announcements adds to the market’s already abundant optimism.

It feels like the whole world is more bullish than ever this holiday season, and Christmas is coming early for two well-timed IPO’s from digitally driven market leaders Airbnb and DoorDash. Both tech giants began their ‘virtual’ investor roadshows earlier this week and anticipate debuting their shares to the broader public before the year is up.

Airbnb IPO

The enterprise stumbled through the COVID-crisis, but it is

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