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Depending on where you went or who you asked in Pensacola on Black Friday, the annual post-Thanksgiving shopping bonanza felt a little different this year. 

The coronavirus pandemic surely shouldered some of the blame for the narrowed down field of shoppers Friday morning at the Creighton Road Walmart. Between 7:30 and 9 a.m., usually a prime shopping window on the annual Black Friday holiday, the store was busy but not bursting at the seams. Checkout lines were either nonexistent or fast moving. 

The fact that no one was wrestling over big-screen TVs made it a breeze for Pensacola couple Gloria Thomas and Frank Alvarez to snag their 65-inch, Phillips-brand Android TV. 

Shoppers wait outside the Best Buy at Pensacola’s Cordova Mall on Black Friday. (Photo: Gregg Pachkowski/[email protected])

The exclusive Walmart deal, which priced the TV at $678, was the lone item