FISPAN Joins Mastercard Start Path Accelerator

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) banking platform FISPAN announced in a press release Thursday (Nov. 12) that it has joined Mastercard’s Start Path accelerator program.

“We are thrilled to have been selected to take part in the Mastercard Start Path program and to be recognized alongside a global network of innovators,” said FISPAN Founder and CEO Lisa Shields in the release. “Participation in this program will allow us to leverage Mastercard’s expertise, technology and channels.”

Start Path connects FinTechs from around the world to support innovation in the payments and financial services industries. The six-month program gives startups access to the knowledge of Mastercard experts and technologies to support their continued business growth, the release stated.

“We see a roadmap of engagement, where each step in the partnership can deliver clear value to Mastercard, FISPAN and our mutual bank customers,” said Shields in the release.

FISPAN is one of 35 companies to be joining Start Path this year out of over 1,500 applications. Mastercard announced the inclusion of 11 additional companies in August.

“In today’s world we’ve seen an accelerated shift to digital — the bedrock of FinTech — and evolving consumer habits which have created an immediate need for new solutions,” said Amy Neale, senior vice president of Start Path and FinTech at Mastercard, in the release. “Mastercard has selected FISPAN to join its Start Path ecosystem of innovators and will provide them with the tools, resources and mentorship they need for success on their scaling journey.”

FISPAN offers banks ERP services to provide users a frictionless banking experience.

The benefit of using ERP services and application programming interfaces (APIs), Shields said in an interview with PYMNTS, is that it adds needed context to banking services, allowing the institution to make the bank account its focus point of every interaction.

“What I think is really interesting for banks is that business banking personalization opportunities can be predicated on intentional sharing of actual data with bounded and enforced usage rights around that data,” she told PYMNTS.



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