Just Some Outfit Ideas for All My Aquarius Friends to Wear Right TF Now

Interested in some incredibly chic outfit inspiration that jives with your sign? Well, at least if you are an Aquarius, you’ve found the right spot. Of course you can take some of the typical Aquarius traits (being super creative, brave, and a little…out there) and run with it to create some major lewks, but according to Jake Register, astrologer and author of Astrology for Relationships: Your Complete Compatibility Guide to Friends, Lovers, Family, and Colleagues, we should look to each sign’s fifth house for a bit of a deeper understanding of what would inspire them clothing wise. After all, the fifth house governs creativity and self expression and has a lot to do with a sign’s interpretation of their wardrobe.

For Aquarius, the fifth house is in Gemini, sign of communication—which means, “they really like their clothes to be conversation starters,” according to Register. Expect Aquarius to put outfits together that you’ve never seen anywhere else, that sets a trend, or that’s a little wacky but somehow totally works. If you’re out there thinking…well, what the heck would that even look like?, then please go ahead and scroll your eyeballs down this page for 21 very fashionable outfit ideas for your fave water bearers.

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