Some Questions to Ask Your Web Design Company Before Handing Over the Project

When you want online presence for your business, you need a website designed by a professional web design company. The reason is that a website designed by an amateur could not compete with the millions of websites that are there to carry out various different tasks. When you are confronted with the question of how to find the best web design company, compose a list of questions to ask. You could find a company in your locality or online. In either case you could do your own evaluation by asking these questions. The following are some of the questions you could ask in order to evaluate the web design company you are going to hire.


There are different types of tools used in web design. You must ask them if they have experience in using content management systems such as Drupal and Joomla. Also you could ask if they have experience in designing websites using HTML. Ask them if they have designed any sites similar to the one you are going to ask them to design. Another thing you need to ask is if they are able to set up a page to enable your customers to purchase your products with a credit card.

Availability of portfolio

Every good web design company will have a portfolio of good websites they have designed in order to show their future clients as samples. You must ask if the company you are going to hire has one. If the answer is “yes” you have the option to have a look at them in order to judge on the capabilities of the company.


You could ask for references the company has. In case they provide you references, you could contact one of those clients and ask if the web design company did a good job and how long did they take. How much did they charge, did they get their money’s worth, were they satisfied with the work of the company and will they recommend the particular company are some of the additional questions you could ask.


When it comes to price you have a lot of questions to ask. Though everything else could be discussed you need to get everything regarding payments in writing. Once you get these prices you could study them and sign the agreement only after you are satisfied with pricing.

Search engine optimization

There are elements of search engine optimization that should be embedded in a website in the design stage. You need to ask the search engine optimization Houston company that you are going to hire, if they have experience in search engine optimization.

Social media marketing

Check if the company you are going to hire has any experience in social media marketing. It is necessary for a good web design company to have the skills of setting up a facebook fan page or a twitter account for your website.

When you ask these questions you could get some idea on how professional the web design company is. If you are satisfied you could hand over your project to them with confidence.