Best Buy (BBY) Q3 2021 earnings beat on strong online sales

Best Buy’s third-quarter earnings soared past Wall Street’s expectations, but shares dropped Tuesday as the retailer warned of headwinds from higher shipping costs, inventory challenges and lower-margin holiday sales.

The retailer declined to provide an outlook for the fourth quarter — a significant period for electronics and tech purchases during the holidays — due to the uncertainty created by the coronavirus pandemic.

On a conference call, Chief Financial Officer Matt Bilunas said the company will have higher supply chain costs from parcel surcharges and sales of videogame consoles, a popular holiday gift that’s lower margin, will pressure profits.

“We believe our Q4 sales growth will be positive, but we don’t expect sales trends to remain at the levels we experienced during Q3,” he said.

Best Buy shares closed Tuesday down nearly 7% to $113.54. Its stock has gained about 29% so far this year, bringing the company’s market value to

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Cheap shares: This quality stock has missed the FTSE 100’s 15% rally. I’d buy it today!

What a month it’s been for UK shareholders, with stocks surging pretty much across the board. The FTSE 100 has soared during November, setting this up to be a record month for the index. As I write, the Footsie hovers just below 6,415 points, up a whopping 840 points (15%) since Halloween.

That’s the sort of gain I’d expect over two years or so, not a single month — and it’s been driven by good news coming from the US election and Covid-19 vaccine producers. Nevertheless, it’s been a grim year for the FTSE 100, with the index slumping 15% in 2020.What’s more, this recent rally hasn’t lifted all shares. Here’s another of my favourite stocks that has been pushed into ‘cheap shares’ territory.

Unilever is a global giant

Yesterday, I wrote about Reckitt Benckiser, a quality British business whose cheap shares have fallen by a fifth (20%) since

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Nifty and Bank Nifty Strategy: Now, buy on dips, Anil SInghvi says; FIIs playing big role

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The Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) have bought Indian equities worth Rs 50,000 cr this month. Will the new triggers bring more Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) inflow into India? Will the pace of inflows increase? Zee Business Managing Editor Anil Singhvi gives his take on this. 

November 2020 has been the best month in the history of FII inflows, the Market Guru said adding that it was quite surprising. It has never happened that inflows over Rs 50,000 cr come in a single month. This is because the global equity markets are flushed with funds and some part of it is coming into the Indian markets, as well, he added.

Watch Zee Business Tweet Video Below:

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NKY leaders ask holiday shoppers to buy local gift cards

Organizations in Northern Kentucky are calling on the community to support small businesses this shopping season.

“Operation Winter is Coming” is designed to support Northern Kentucky shops, bars and restaurants by encouraging shoppers to buy local gift cards for holiday gift-giving.

The effort is an initiative of OneNKY Alliance and is being led by MeetNKY l Northern Kentucky Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce.

“The effort is unique because the mission of meetNKY is outside of Northern Kentucky, but the most important thing we can do right now is support small business and drive as many much-needed customers and sales as possible,” said meetNKY Interim President & CEO Julie Kirkpatrick.

A list of local businesses to support can be found at The list includes restaurants, bars, breweries, sweet shops, museums and more, and establishments are categorized by the interests of gift recipients to make

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Cheap shares: I’d buy this quality stock that has missed the November bounce

The last three weeks have been very positive for UK investors, with shares rising pretty much across the board. Since October, the FTSE 100 has surged in response to various pieces of good news. On Monday, the Footsie was around 770 points (13.8%) ahead in November, its best month for many a year (and heading for a monthly record). Some beaten-down cheap shares in the FTSE 100 have surged dramatically in November. Indeed, there are 23 FTSE 100 shares up by 20% or more over the past 30 days.

Of course, a rising tide doesn’t necessarily lift all stocks. Some cheap shares in quality companies have been left behind in this surge. At the other end of the FTSE 100 are 22 laggards whose share prices have actually fallen over the past month. Here’s my favourite among these FTSE 100 stragglers.

These cheap shares have missed the recent rally


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Colgate-Palmolive: A Strong Business Is Not Always A Buy (NYSE:CL)

Source: Colgate-Palmolive Investor Presentation

Colgate-Palmolive (CL) is without a doubt a strong and profitable business that will continue to market successfully most of its brands in personal & home care, pet nutrition and oral care product categories.

Faced with increased competition in the oral care space and low margins in the home care area, CL has been looking to make a more significant entry into the very high margin skin care space with Laboratoires Filorga, PCA Skin and EltaMD acquisitions.

From a strategic point of view, that move makes sense as skin care businesses are a good fit both for the corporate Colgate-Palmolive brand and the company’s existing distribution channels. It will also help reinvigorate growth and move CL further up on the valued added chain, thus providing a tailwind for margins.

In spite of the high price tag of these deals, however, they are still far from being material

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Stock picks to buy: Undervalued UK cyclicals: Morgan Stanley

  • UK cyclical equities are likely to be well-placed for what Morgan Stanley believes will be a strong recovery into 2021, according to a note published Monday.
  • Several companies are currently under-valued, the note said, offering potential for upside with positive vaccine news and the possibility of a Brexit deal.
  • These are the five stocks Morgan Stanley expect to gain from the positive outlook and ongoing rotation into value.
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UK cyclical stocks are trading at a large discount to their EU peers and a number of them are ripe with opportunity, given the upbeat outlook for the British economy going into 2021, Morgan Stanley says.

The valuation case for buying UK equities is “compelling,” Morgan Stanley strategist Matthew Garman wrote in note published Monday.

“The UK is the cheapest global region on a market capitalization and median stock basis across a broader range of

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Forget Bitcoin. I’d buy this 9% yield cheap FTSE 100 share to get rich

Bitcoin is hot news right now but cryptocurrency isn’t for everyone. I’d say that for most UK investors, picking up cheap FTSE 100 shares is a much better way to get rich.

Bitcoin remains a non-yield asset, like gold, for the most part. Holding it doesn’t create any compound growth. So instead I’ve picked out these super cheap FTSE 100 shares that offer a 9.2% dividend. 

If I wanted compound wealth — and trust me I do — then I’d be looking to utilise high-yield dividend income spread over many years. I think that’s on offer here.  

Imperial power

The Imperial Brands (LSE: IMB) share price has climbed 17% in the past month. That’s a tidy rise. But only because it hit a 16-year low on 6 November this year. 

My impression is that a turnaround for these cheap FTSE 100 shares is on the cards. 

Company accounts to 30

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I’d buy cheap FTSE 100 shares to beat crashing interest rates

UK interest rates are going nowhere fast. That makes an investment in cheap FTSE 100 shares much more appealing than holding onto cash savings. 

It’s certainly harder than at any other time in history for people to enrich themselves through careful saving.

UK interest rates are at record lows in 2020. 0.1% is a miserly return. It’s as close to zero as it makes no difference. And the rate of UK inflation is now at 0.9%, up from 0.7% in September. So that means any cash stuck in my bank account is actually losing value over time!

This is a shoddy state of affairs for UK savers. And it means that cheap FTSE 100 shares could be a much more attractive way to make money in 2020 and 2021 

Why cheap FTSE 100 shares?

The reason I tend to look for value in cheap FTSE 100 shares is because of

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Stock market rally: a cheap UK share with BIG dividends I’d buy for the economic recovery

There’s a wealth of opportunity for UK share investors to get seriously rich despite the uncertain economic outlook. I’ve continued to buy British stocks for my Stocks and Shares ISA in 2020. And there are plenty more top UK shares on my radar right now.

For instance, I’ve talked about the huge investment appeal of platinum group metals (or PGM) producers like Tharisa (LSE: THS) quite often.

I’m excited about investment demand staying strong in a world of ultra-loose central bank policy undermining the perceived value of paper currencies. The Covid-19 crisis has also exacerbated huge economic and geopolitical uncertainty. And it means safe-haven demand for precious metals should stay robust too.

Car sales to snap back?

I’m also encouraged by the rate at which PGM demand is likely to rocket during the global economic upturn. You see, cars are among the best-selling big-ticket items during early stages of a

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