Zuora CEO Tien Tzuo – why the subscription model shift renders ideas of front and back office out of date

(Tien Tzuo CEO Zuora speaks at Subscribed 2019 – image via Zuora)

Lower third quarter losses and higher revenues brought some year-end cheer to Zuora as CEO Tien Tzuo argues that the shift to subscription models renders traditional notions of front and back office as “a little bit dated”:

That division made a lot of sense when you were shipping product. The front office sold the product; the back office fulfilled it, accounted for it, collected for it. It’s a very product-centric view of the world.

If you look at the companies that [have] always been subscription businesses – for example, the telecom companies – they don’t look at it like that. They start with the customer and they build great subscriber experiences for those customers. And those subscribers experiences have to span the front office and they have to span the back office, whether it’s calling the call center

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Business group asks employees to model anti-virus measures

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — A leading Ohio business group on Tuesday asked employees to model best practices for reducing the spread of the coronavirus as it warned of the impact the current spike in cases could have on the economy.

The Ohio Business Roundtable, a nonprofit organization of big economy chief executive officers, wants workers to encourage mask wearing at any gathering outside immediate family, avoid large gatherings such as game day celebrations, and reconsider indoor holiday parties.

“This is not a choice between our health and a strong economy; the two are strongly connected,” said Pat Tiberi, the roundtable’s president and CEO and a former longtime Republican congressman. The group dubbed the effort the Coalition to Stop the Spread.

The announcement came as Ohio’s economy continues to show signs of weakness. Last week, the state said 30,177 Ohioans filed initial claims for unemployment compensation, a 21% jump from the

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How Tony Hsieh Used Happiness as a Business Model To Change the World Forever

If you have visited Las Vegas anytime within the last 15 years, you may have encountered Tony Hsieh. His influence was everywhere in the city — nowhere more evident than in his beloved downtown.

The former CEO of Zappos, he was as quiet and unassuming as he was brilliant. A regular at many local establishments — many that he invested in personally — if you walked past him you might not have known he was the billionaire, philanthropist, and inspirational figure that singlehandedly changed the face of customer service forever.

If, however, you lingered for a bit, you would have gotten a sense of the indescribable presence he carried. Behind his eccentricities — the ever-present Fernet-Branca, the pet alpacas, his famously low annual salary at Zappos, his home inside his own tiny communal trailer park — this feeling of something “greater” is what knitted his tribe together.

My first encounter

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Royalty Pharma: Business Model May Be Oversold, But Shares Are Undervalued And Could Trade >$80 (NASDAQ:RPRX)

Investment Thesis

Royalty Pharma (RPRX) IPO’d in June, selling ~72m shares at a price of $28 per share, earning the company ~$1.9bn after underwriters discounts and fees were deducted.

This is a substantial raise for a biotech focused company – in fact it is more than three times the size of the largest ever pure biotech IPO – Moderna’s – which raised ~$604.3m back in December 2018. But in actual fact Royalty acts more like a fund manager than a biopharmaceutical in terms of how it is set up and how it operates.

The company makes strategic acquisitions of royalty streams related to the drug development process. Typically, a biotech developing a new drug may partner with a large Pharma company, who will assume responsibility for the development, commercialisation and marketing of a promising drug candidate, investing much larger sums than the smaller biotech can, but also making milestone payments

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The Problem With Iron Mountain’s Business Model

Real estate investment trust (REIT) Iron Mountain (NYSE: IRM) sports a huge 9.3% dividend yield. That’s pretty enticing when you consider the SPDR S&P 500 ETF (NYSEMKT: SPY) only offers a 1.5% yield. However, don’t jump at the fat yield before you understand exactly what Iron Mountain does, which is actually a little more complex than it seems.

The core of the business

The big-picture theme for Iron Mountain is that it stores important things for businesses and people. Historically, that meant physical records and objects (like art), but the REIT has been moving into digital storage, shifting along with the world around it. Storing things has, over the long term, been a fairly stable business.

Indeed, once a company puts a banker’s box full of paper into one of Iron Mountain’s storage facilities, it tends to stay there for a very long time. Retrieving all those boxes and moving

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Paddle Talks B2B SaaS Business Model Evolution

The B2B Software-as-a-Service market has followed a fairy unique evolutionary path over the last few decades. Built with its foundations largely in the enterprise world, software first began being sold to organizations as more of a product, licensed one time to be used on-premise.

But as the software ecosystem bled into the consumer world, new business models emerged that continue to shape the way the B2B space buys and pays for technology today.

The rise of Software-as-a-Service was the first major business model shift in the software world, said Christian Owens, CEO and co-founder of Paddle, and it’s had significant implications for the way SaaS companies acquire customers and accept payment.

Indeed, recurring revenue is an attractive business model for many developers. But as Owens explained in a recent conversation with PYMNTS, B2B SaaS firms must be diligent about their approach to the

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Talent Resources Connects Businesses With Relevant Online Influencers Via Their Influencer Model

Innovative digital marketing agency, Talent Resources, continues to bridge the gap between brands and influencers to help companies increase their online presence

Talent Resources has grown over the years to become one of the leading digital marketing agencies, with the company pioneering the aspect of influencer marketing. It has been more than a decade of delivering innovative online marketing solutions to businesses for Talent Resources. The firm’s unique influencer model helps to connect organizations with the most suitable online influencers. Consequently, the agency has built a reputation for running high converting influencer marketing campaigns for brands across different industries.

The concept of influencer marketing has become increasingly popular in recent times, with more businesses looking to leverage its immense benefits to grow their brand and sales. Recent reports have revealed that influencer marketing is highly lucrative for businesses that use it. According to a survey by The Influencer Marketing Hub,

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In the United Kingdom, Business Leaders Pulled the Country Through the COVID-19 Crisis. The United States Should Replicate the Model.

Late last month, NATO defense ministers met virtually to discuss an increasingly urgent subject: the security of the undersea cables that transmit virtually all Internet traffic between the United States and Europe. If a hostile country were to sabotage the cables, daily life—especially now, during the pandemic—would immediately grind to a halt.

After their meeting, the defense ministers declined to say how they were planning to keep the cables safe. But one thing is clear: Even though the cables carry both civilian and military Internet traffic, they’re privately owned and operated. Any effort to protect them will need to involve both governments and the private sector.

Indeed, governments alone can’t keep their countries going during crises. During the worst of the United Kingdom’s COVID-19 misery, a group of business leaders volunteered to help the British Army transport personal protective equipment (PPE) and oxygen around the country and build emergency hospitals.

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Business Intel: Downshift pivots to new model, separating bikes from cafe | Business Local

Downshift Bikes & Brews, a bike shop and cafe in downtown Roanoke, is changing its business model.

Owner Stephen Ambruzs said Downshift will continue to service bicycles, but not sell them, at a new space at 210 Fourth St. S.W. When safer to do so, it will resume hosting group rides and events. The cafe and coffee shop are closed for now, but some favorite menu items will eventually be available through a partnership with Golden Cactus Brewing.

The changes are the result of several factors, Ambruz said. The community-building aspect of the business provided by the coffee shop and group rides has been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. There’s an extremely limited supply of bikes, parts and accessories given this year’s boom in cycling. He’s also juggling becoming a father.

“We needed to change what we were doing in order to both be sort of current with how

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Tesla Model 3 crash sends scorching batteries flying, starts housefire

  • A Tesla Model 3 crashed on Tuesday in Corvallis, Oregon, flinging hot battery cells far from the crash site. 
  • Two of the cells broke through nearby windows — one landed in someone’s lap, while the other landed on a bed, catching the bedding on fire. 
  • According to the City of Corvallis Police Department, the driver was speeding in excess of 100 mph and sustained only minor injuries.
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Tesla has caught heat in the past for its battery packs bursting into flames, but a recent incident in Corvallis, Oregon shows that the electric vehicles may pose a fire hazard not just to the cars themselves, but to the surrounding environment, too. 

In a severe Tuesday night crash spotted by The Drive, a speeding Model 3 collided with a power pole, shearing the pole at its base and hurling bits of the car far from

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