Cheap Shares: 1 tech stock I think can double my money!

Cheap shares are hard to come by, but this tech stock is looking like a bargain to me. Why is that? Well, it’s all about the changing world we live in.

The pandemic has created a semi-permanent shift in the average working lifestyle. Due to safety concerns, many employees are now working from home. Yes, the announcement of multiple vaccines means the pandemic may be over soon. However, an estimated 25%-30% of people will continue working from home even after Covid-19 becomes a chapter in the history books.

That actually makes a lot of sense from a business point of view. Many employees can do their job as effectively from home. In that case, there’s no need to spend money renting costly offices.

Video conferencing tech stocks in the pandemic

Tech stocks like Zoom Video Communications have flourished under current market conditions. The sudden need for remote working solutions resulted

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Simple Strategies for Restaurant Owners to Get More Customers and Make More Money

The simple pleasures of life include enjoying a meal from a restaurant with friends and family. Maintaining high standards of service is a must, so let us consider how your systems and processes can be enhanced for a better customer experience and win their confidence during a time of social distancing, stricter safety protocols, and restaurants being placed under governmental restrictions for service in an effort to reduce the continuous rise of COVID-19 cases. With the guests’ experience as our main objective and priority, let us look into the ways we can improve it while maximizing productivity and profitability for your business. 

a group of people sitting at a table

© vgajic | Getty Images

Innovative reservations program

As entrepreneurs, let us be innovative on how we can best serve our customers and provide our teams with the solution, system, and process that will enable us to achieve our business’ goals. In a time of a global pandemic,

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Ask a financial planner: Where should a teen save money?

  • A high-yield savings account is generally the best place for a teen (or anyone) to save money.
  • Another smart option is a Roth IRA, an investment account typically used for, but not limited to, retirement.
  • Contributions to a Roth IRA can be withdrawn at any time, tax-free, while investment earnings can be withdrawn tax- and penalty-free under certain circumstances. 
  • Have a personal-finance question for Tanza? Fill out this anonymous form. 

The following question was submitted by an audience member during a recent event I hosted with two other personal-finance experts, talking about prioritizing well-being and budgeting during these uncertain times. We didn’t get a chance to answer the question live, so here’s my response.

Question: What is the best financial savings vehicle for a 17-year-old who just started a part-time job and will be going to college next year, and would like to keep saving whatever money she gets?


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3 Best Businesses You Can Start With Little or No Money

It doesn’t seem like that long ago when The Lean Startup  by Eric Ries took the world by storm. The book gave average people like me hope. 

a man sitting at a table using a laptop

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It showed me and people across the world that is was possible to start a business, regardless of circumstance. 


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It’s been almost a decade since The Lean Startup was released, but the hope it instilled and the lessons it taught still live on today. 

Thousands of people ask this question every day: What is the best business to start with little money?

I wanted to share what I believe should be your top three choices if you are attempting to start a business but have little capital to back it up. Here are the three best businesses to start with very little money.

Note : All of the below are service-based businesses. These typically have the

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31 Simple Money Cheat Sheets For Business Owners That Don’t Understand Money

Running a business is hard. Even more difficult? Running a business when you don’t understand money. If that’s you, we’ve put together this list of 31 simple money cheat sheets to help you better understand money.

1. Opening a Bank Account

After you’ve settled on a name and registered your business, you have to open a commercial bank account with an institution that is business friendly and can help you grow, such as:

  • Silicon Valley Bank offers cash management and investment solutions, online and mobile banking, and advice and resources for startups.
  • Square Capital, which is a part of the Square payment processor, provides affordable small business loans.
  • Chase has over 5,300 branches and 15,500 ATMs nationwide, mobile banking, free business debit cards, and the ability to process payments.
  • Square 1 Bank offers customized solutions for your business, as well as collections, fraud protections, and international banking.
  • U.S. Bank has
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How Business Owners can make Money Online. Proven, Ready-Made Sales Funnels built in Kartra. – Press Release

How to find your target audience and guide them towards a buying decision.

Many business owners nowadays feel an enormous urge to be financially free. They want to create an income that allows them to do the work they like while making their own schedule and having enough free time for travels, hobbies and quality time with their loved ones.

However, creating this life of financial freedom requires the right strategy. To succeed, businesses need to make clever use of all the online tools and opportunities available in this online age.

Endless online possibilities

The possibilities of the online world are endless. Entrepreneurs could potentially reach every single buyer in the entire world, which means billions of people who might just buy a product or service. By setting up an online marketing strategy, they could automatically reach their audience and sell more and more each year.

This might sound

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City of Bozeman planning to divvy up COVID relief money | News

Bozeman city commissioners have approved a plan that will distribute COVID-19 relief money coming from the state to local businesses and nonprofits, among other destinations.

The city is expecting to receive more than $5.4 million through the Governor’s Coronavirus Relief Fund, which is funded with money from the federal CARES Act. Half of the money will be allocated to local nonprofits, 10% will go to a city reserve fund for pandemic-related needs, and 20% each will go to a business support program and a city COVID-19 operations program.

The money is technically reimbursement for wage and benefit costs for public safety workers, assistant city manager Anna Rosenberry said. That money was already accounted for in Bozeman’s budget.

City manager Jeff Mihelich said during the city commission meeting that while some municipalities are holding onto the reimbursement money, he thinks Bozeman should turn it around quickly.

“Instead of taking that money

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Raimondo announces new money for unemployment and small business grants

Rhode Island will spend $100 million in federal COVID-relief funds to help unemployed Rhode Islanders and businesses hurt by upcoming closures to slow infections, Gov. Gina Raimondo announced Wednesday.

Gina Raimondo holding a knife in front of a laptop: PROVIDENCE, RI - 11/25/20 Governor Gina Raimondo holds her weekly virus update at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium. [The Providence Journal / Sandor Bodo]

© The Providence Journal / Sandor Bodo
PROVIDENCE, RI – 11/25/20 Governor Gina Raimondo holds her weekly virus update at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium. [The Providence Journal / Sandor Bodo]

Half of the money will go to a new round of grants to small businesses closed or limited during the two-week “pause” Raimondo has ordered to begin Monday, she said during her weekly coronavirus news conference.


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Most of the remaining $50 million will provide two weeks of bonus unemployment insurance payments to Rhode Islanders out of work. The new payments, added to weekly checks automatically, will increase unemployment benefits by $200 in each of the two weeks the pause is in effect. 

Smaller amounts of money will go to

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Will California’s small businesses survive another COVID-19 surge without more help? | Money

One clue to the vast need: 140,000 small businesses have applied for the Los Angeles grants since July but only about 7,000 will be funded. Of the $108 million, which must be spent this year, $31 million was allocated as of mid-November.

“We have to wait for entities to provide their information,” Thrash-Ntuk said. “We have to verify it. We are communicating with them in 15 different languages.”

Ebony Lynk’s business consists of a 20-foot video game trailer for parties. Based at her Paramount apartment, Gamebox Mobile Video Gaming and Entertainment has no employees, but Lynk’s husband, Romel Mallard, who was laid off from his trucking job last year, helps with the driving. Their sons, ages 13 and 10, volunteer as game coaches on weekends.

“After COVID hit in March, revenue went from $4,000 a month to zero,” she said. “We didn’t know what to do. We just kept praying.”

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Make Your Next Job a Home-Based, Money Making Business From Your Home Kitchen

RIVERSIDE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nov 24, 2020–

America has an innovative new way to manage food security, home security and job creation and “it’s staring us in the face,” says ZipHomeChef award-winning CEO, Alexia Parks.

It’s today’s home cook who loves to cook, has a home kitchen, and wants to make enough money to pay their bills while staying safe at home from COVID-19.

“When they are licensed,” says Parks, “we can purchase food from home cooks to feed vulnerable populations in their community including some of America’s estimated 60 million hungry families and their children.”

Networked on the food service platform, licensed home cooks, including unemployed kitchen workers can now make money preparing home cooked meals while also serving a social purpose.

Over the past four months, the ZipHomeChef team, called “Zippers,” have prepared and delivered over 80,000 meals to the “housed” homeless in Riverside County as part of

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