Stock market rally: I’d buy dirt-cheap UK shares today and hold them forever

There’s no guarantee a stock market rally will follow 2020’s stock market crash. However, the past performance of UK shares suggests it’s very likely to take place over the coming years.

As such, buying dirt-cheap UK shares now and holding them for the long term could be a sound move. It may enable an investor to make attractive capital returns as company profits and investor sentiment strengthen following a tough 2020.

Buying and holding dirt-cheap UK shares ahead of a stock market rally

A stock market rally could lift the valuations of today’s ultra-cheap UK shares. It seems likely to take place over the coming years, since every previous market downturn has been followed by a bull market that has produced new record highs. There may not necessarily be a fast-paced market rally in 2021. However, a buy-and-hold strategy could allow an investor to take part in a likely rise

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Why Did Snowflake Stock Rally Over 20% Last Week?

Cloud-based data warehousing startup Snowflake (NYSE: SNOW) saw its stock rally by over 20% last week to about $330 per share, valuing the company at about $90 billion. While there wasn’t much news from the company over the past week, there could be a couple of factors that drove up the stock. Firstly, Snowflake is likely to report its first set of quarterly results as a public company on December 2 and investors are likely anticipating strong numbers. For perspective, the consensus estimates that the company will post revenue of about $148 million, and a loss per share of about -$0.26. Separately, investors have continued to double down on high-growth and software stocks through the last week, after taking a breather earlier in the month amid the vaccine news. For example, Zoom gained about 12% over the last week while Tesla stock was up by about 18%. This also

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Global equities kick off December with a rally, as investors cheer economic data, vaccine progress

he workers are packing the goods as the shipment increase sharply during the double eleven festival

  • Global equity markets rallied after Chinese data showed factory activity boomed at a 10-year high in November, while progress in the rollout of a COVID-19 vaccine underpinned that optimism.
  • US stock futures pointed to a higher start on Wall Street later, while cryptocurrencies rallied for a fourth day.
  • “Vaccine optimism, impressive Chinese factory data and the prospect of continuing fiscal and monetary stimulus is keeping the mood upbeat,” CityIndex analyst Fiona Cincotta said.
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Global equity markets rose on Tuesday, extending the record-breaking gains of the previous month, after strong factory data pointed to a robust recovery in China, while progress on more vaccine candidates reinforced the optimism of the past few weeks, although oil slipped. 

US biotech firm Moderna on

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Turkey’s central bank not buying FX despite lira rally -official

By Nevzat Devranoglu

ANKARA, Nov 26 (Reuters)Turkey’s central bank is not buying foreign currencies, one of its officials told Reuters on Thursday, despite a rally this month in the lira that some traders said opened a window for the bank to rebuild its depleted foreign exchange reserves.

The currency soared some 12% after the heads of the central bank and finance ministry were replaced over the course of three days early this month, and after President Tayyip Erdogan pledged a new market-friendly era for the economy.

But the lira slid back 5% this week, stoking speculation that the central bank may have been buying dollars or preparing FX auctions.

“The central bank is not buying foreign currency,” the official said, requesting anonymity.

The bank’s data shows its net foreign reserves dropped to nearly $16 billion in mid-November, from some $40 billion at the end of 2019. Excluding

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Stock market rally: how I’d invest in cheap UK shares today to make a million

The recent stock market rally hasn’t changed how I’d invest in UK shares for the long term. After all, the stock market’s price level shouldn’t affect the process of determining how to invest capital.

High-quality companies that trade at cheap prices may be more difficult to find after the recent stock market recovery. After all, the FTSE 100 has gained 10% in the past month.

However, by searching within unpopular sectors and taking a long-term view, it may be possible to build a surprisingly large portfolio over the long run. An investor may even be able to make a million.

How I’d invest to capitalise on a long-term stock market rally

Buying high-quality businesses at cheap prices is how I’d invest to take advantage of a likely long-term stock market rally. The track record of the FTSE 100 suggests UK shares can continue their recent gains to post new record

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Wall Street Week Ahead: COVID-19 vaccine adoption rates are ‘wildcard’ for U.S. stock rally

By David Randall

NEW YORK (Reuters) – News this month of three promising coronavirus vaccines has helped push the Dow Jones Industrial Average over 30,000, but some investors worry that slow vaccination rates may weaken next year’s expected economic recovery.

Overall, 58% of Americans said in a Gallup poll that ended Nov. 1 that they would get vaccinated, up from 50% who were willing in a September poll. Forty-two percent said they would be unwilling to get a vaccine, citing reasons such as the rushed development timeline and concerns about safety.

Delays in vaccine distribution or widespread refusal to be vaccinated would allow the virus to continue to circulate longer and delay the development of herd immunity, which occurs when enough people in a population have some form of protection that prevents the easy spread of a disease.

“To be certain that the world will be back to normal

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Cheap shares: This quality stock has missed the FTSE 100’s 15% rally. I’d buy it today!

What a month it’s been for UK shareholders, with stocks surging pretty much across the board. The FTSE 100 has soared during November, setting this up to be a record month for the index. As I write, the Footsie hovers just below 6,415 points, up a whopping 840 points (15%) since Halloween.

That’s the sort of gain I’d expect over two years or so, not a single month — and it’s been driven by good news coming from the US election and Covid-19 vaccine producers. Nevertheless, it’s been a grim year for the FTSE 100, with the index slumping 15% in 2020.What’s more, this recent rally hasn’t lifted all shares. Here’s another of my favourite stocks that has been pushed into ‘cheap shares’ territory.

Unilever is a global giant

Yesterday, I wrote about Reckitt Benckiser, a quality British business whose cheap shares have fallen by a fifth (20%) since

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Activists rally in Florida against Governor Ron DeSantis

The proposed legislation activists are rallying against is called the “anti-mob legislation draft.”

JACKSONVILLE, Fla — Activists are gathering Saturday in front of the Duval County Court House to rally against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ new “anti-mob” proposal which some are calling “anti-protest.” 

“This proposed legislation is, undemocratic, dictatorial and blatantly unconstitutional,” local activist Ben Frazier of the Northside Coalition Jacksonville said in a news release. “The proposed legislation is dangerous because it’s a dog whistle to let armed vigilantes know it’s open season on peaceful protestors.”

The proposal is called the “anti-mob legislation draft.” It would expand Florida’s Stand Your Ground law and justify the use of force against those who are “interrupting or impairing” business during “violent or disorderly assembly.

The proposal would also increase criminal penalties for people involved in “disorderly assemblies,” making it a third-degree felony to block traffic during protests and provide immunity to drivers

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Stock market rally: a cheap UK share with BIG dividends I’d buy for the economic recovery

There’s a wealth of opportunity for UK share investors to get seriously rich despite the uncertain economic outlook. I’ve continued to buy British stocks for my Stocks and Shares ISA in 2020. And there are plenty more top UK shares on my radar right now.

For instance, I’ve talked about the huge investment appeal of platinum group metals (or PGM) producers like Tharisa (LSE: THS) quite often.

I’m excited about investment demand staying strong in a world of ultra-loose central bank policy undermining the perceived value of paper currencies. The Covid-19 crisis has also exacerbated huge economic and geopolitical uncertainty. And it means safe-haven demand for precious metals should stay robust too.

Car sales to snap back?

I’m also encouraged by the rate at which PGM demand is likely to rocket during the global economic upturn. You see, cars are among the best-selling big-ticket items during early stages of a

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2 cheap dividend-paying UK shares I’d buy in an ISA now for the stock market rally

The recent stock market rally means many dividend-paying UK shares have made gains of late. However, it’s still possible to invest money in cheap FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 shares for the long run.

The current stock market rally may or may not last over a sustained period. However, over the long run, a diverse ISA portfolio of UK stocks could deliver impressive total returns.

With that in mind, here are two stocks that could deliver attractive performances in the coming years after experiencing gains in recent weeks.

A buying opportunity among cheap dividend-paying UK shares?

Despite a 10% rise in the past two weeks, the Morrisons (LSE: MRW) share price appears to offer good value for money, relative to other cheap UK shares. It trades on a price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio of around 12.5, which suggests it offers a wide margin of safety compared to the wider FTSE 100.


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