These cheap shares missed the November boom. I’d buy them for a 2021 recovery

As I write, London Stock Exchange trading is about to close for November. And what a memorable month it’s been, as cheap shares soared in response to good news after good news. First, Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump to win the US presidential election, giving US stocks and UK shares an early bounce. Then news of effective Covid-19 vaccines from Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna, and AstraZeneca/Oxford sent share prices surging.

These positive developments set November up to be a record month for UK shares. As I write, the FTSE 100 has leapt by 720 points (12.9%) in November, its best monthly performance since its inception in 1984. Likewise, US stocks have staged a big comeback, with the S&P 500 up 335 points (10.2%) since Halloween. However, though it’s not been a great year for the Footsie, I see deep value hidden in the FTSE’s 100 cheap shares.

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These cheap shares have soared almost 40% in a month. I’d buy them today!

With trading heading towards a close on the final day of November, what an amazing month it’s been. First, Joe Biden’s US election win gave stocks an early lift. Then news of three highly effective Covid-19 vaccines launched share prices into the stratosphere. As I write, the FTSE 100 index has soared by 765 points (13.7%) in November — a record monthly return. Likewise, US stocks have been buoyant this month, with the S&P 500 index leaping by over 350 points (10.8%). Yet the Footsie has shed 1,200 points in 2020, leaving it down almost a sixth (15.9%). That’s why I believe there are still cheap shares hiding in plain sight in the index.

Value investing still works

After exaggerated reports of its death, value investing came roaring back in November. As investors switched from high-priced, fast-growing tech stocks into economically sensitive sectors, cheap shares in banks, energy companies, and

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After a record November, will these bombed-out cheap shares outperform in 2021?

With November heading to a close, we look back with relief on a remarkable month for UK shares and global stocks. As I write, the FTSE 100 hovers around 6,381 points, up 805 points since Halloween. That’s a bumper monthly gain of more than a seventh (14.4%) — the highest since the Footsie started in 1984. It’s a similar story worldwide, with the US S&P 500 ahead almost 370 points (11.3%) and the European Stoxx 600 index leaping 51 points (14.9%) in November. But I believe there are plenty of cheap shares still lurking in the FTSE 100.

It’s been a bruising year for UK shares

Although stocks have surged globally in November, it’s been a tough year for UK shareholders. Even after this month’s record rise, the FTSE 100 remains more than 1,160 points down in 2020. In other words, the UK’s main market index has dived by 15.4%

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Global shares mixed after fresh records on Wall Street | Business

TOKYO (AP) — Global shares were mixed Monday on renewed caution despite a record high finish on Wall Street last week driven by hopes for a COVID-19 vaccine and relief for the global economy.

France’s CAC 40 fell 0.3% to 5,579.72 in early trading, while Germany’s DAX inched up less than 0.1% to 13,346.33. Britain’s FTSE 100 gained 0.6% to 6,403.93. U.S. shares were set to decline as Dow futures dropped 0.5% to 29,730.50. S&P 500 futures fell 0.4% to 3,623.38.

After Tokyo trading ended, Koichiro Miyahara, the head of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, resigned to take responsibility for a massive system glitch that shut down trading last month. The full-day outage on Oct. 1 was the worst ever for the world’s third largest exchange.

Japan Exchange Group, or JPX, the exchange’s parent, said it had accepted his resignation over the error that disabled the system called Arrowhead.

Trading resumed

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As UK stocks enjoy a record month, I’d buy these cheap shares for a passive income

As I write late on Friday, and with one trading day left in November, what an incredible month it’s been for UK shareholders. News of Joe Biden winning the US presidential election gave global markets an early lift this month. Then news of one, two, and then three highly effective Covid-19 vaccines lit a rocket under share prices. In November, the UK’s FTSE 100 index has surged 790 points (14.2%), adding over £250bn to share values. It’s a similar story over in the US, with the S&P 500 soaring to all-time highs early this week. Yet these two cheap shares in an unloved and undervalued sector have been left far behind in 2020. I’d cheerfully buy both today.

Cheap shares: Shell’s year of hell

While 40 shares in the FTSE 100 are up in 2020, 60 shares have fallen in value this year (and one joined less than a year

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442 Shares in Mastercard Incorporated (NYSE:MA) Acquired by Ajo LP

Ajo LP acquired a new stake in shares of Mastercard Incorporated (NYSE:MA) during the third quarter, according to its most recent disclosure with the Securities & Exchange Commission. The fund acquired 442 shares of the credit services provider’s stock, valued at approximately $149,000.

A number of other institutional investors also recently added to or reduced their stakes in MA. Carolina Wealth Advisors LLC acquired a new stake in shares of Mastercard during the third quarter worth approximately $30,000. Newfound Research LLC bought a new stake in Mastercard in the third quarter valued at approximately $34,000. Larson Financial Group LLC increased its stake in Mastercard by 55.2% in the third quarter. Larson Financial Group LLC now owns 104 shares of the credit services provider’s stock valued at $35,000 after purchasing an additional 37 shares in the last quarter. Avion Wealth acquired a new stake in Mastercard in the third quarter worth

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Royalty Pharma: Business Model May Be Oversold, But Shares Are Undervalued And Could Trade >$80 (NASDAQ:RPRX)

Investment Thesis

Royalty Pharma (RPRX) IPO’d in June, selling ~72m shares at a price of $28 per share, earning the company ~$1.9bn after underwriters discounts and fees were deducted.

This is a substantial raise for a biotech focused company – in fact it is more than three times the size of the largest ever pure biotech IPO – Moderna’s – which raised ~$604.3m back in December 2018. But in actual fact Royalty acts more like a fund manager than a biopharmaceutical in terms of how it is set up and how it operates.

The company makes strategic acquisitions of royalty streams related to the drug development process. Typically, a biotech developing a new drug may partner with a large Pharma company, who will assume responsibility for the development, commercialisation and marketing of a promising drug candidate, investing much larger sums than the smaller biotech can, but also making milestone payments

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This has been a record month for stocks. But I’d keep buying these cheap shares!

Late on Friday afternoon and with one full trading day left in November, it has been a record month for stock markets worldwide. The MSCI ACWI global equity index is up 13.2% in November, while the US S&P 500 index has leapt almost 375 points (11.4%) this month. Likewise, the UK’s FTSE 100 has soared nearly 785 points (14.1%) in less than 30 days.

This really has been an exceptional month, with the largest monthly moves I’ve seen as an investor in UK shares since 1986–87. Nevertheless, I still see more value lurking in cheap shares hiding in the FTSE 100. Here’s one quality stock I’d happily buy today.

Cheap shares don’t have to be low-priced

Billionaire investment guru Warren Buffett argues that, “It’s far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than a fair company at a wonderful price”. In other words, don’t expect to pay

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Forget Bitcoin! I’d buy these cheap shares from the FTSE 100 instead

What a week it’s been for fans of the world’s leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC). Before today, the Bitcoin price was heading ‘to da moon’ (as Bitcoin fans say). On Tuesday, it rose roughly $1,000, climbing above $19,000. Yesterday saw more frenzied price action, as it  jumped again. It leapt to over $19,500, close to its all-time high just short of $20,000 seen in December 2017. However, the price nosedived today, dropping close to $16,300 in early-morning trading. As I write, BTC trades around $16,875, down roughly 13.5% from yesterday’s high. That’s still high, of course, but here’s why I’d rather keep buying cheap shares than trading Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is for speculators, not investors

As a former mathematician, my expertise in this field lies in cryptography (code-breaking) and not cryptocurrencies per se. Nevertheless, I well understand the crypto concept and that of a blockchain (or highly distributed ledger). However, ever

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These cheap UK shares are up 50% in a month. I’d keep buying today!

Over the past month, many cheap UK shares have surged in value. Despite this performance, I believe many of these stocks continue to look undervalued.

As such, I’m considering adding some of these companies to my portfolio. As the world moves on from the pandemic, I think there’s a high probability they will continue to achieve positive returns for investors. 

Buying cheap UK shares

I’ve long been a fan of Virgin Money (LSE: VMUK). I like the way the company does business. It’s been trying to change the UK retail banking market for years, and it’s succeeding. 

Unfortunately, the pandemic has set back some of the group’s growth plans. This week, the lender reported £500m of loan losses related to the coronavirus crisis. 

However, management remains hugely optimistic about the group’s long-term prospects. Despite the £500m of projected losses, management believes the company can still achieve a double-digit return on

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