Why the best time to start a new business is always now

Launching a new business can fell like a daunting undertaking, but every one of the world’s most successful businesses was launched with a leap into the unknown.

So if Day 1 has to come some time, it might as well be today.

Through his life as an entrepreneur and investor, Steve Baxter has seen countless new ventures spring to life, and has observed the factors that are common amongst the successful ones. And he says it is not when a business launches that matters the most, but rather, how it launches.

“It’s always a good time to start a business, provided you do it in a smart way,” Baxter says. “And a smart way is to make sure you have a good network to help you launch that business, and you know enough about what you are doing.”

This idea of having a smart support network is seconded by Margie

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Want to Give a Better Presentation to Investors? Start With These 3 Tips

If you’re a founder trying to raise money, I bet I can tell you the biggest problem with your pitch deck without even needing to look at the presentation.

As an investor myself, I see a lot of pitch decks from entrepreneurs trying to raise money. Of course they span all different stages, industries, and ideas. The founders come from all different ages and backgrounds. 

They are all very different, but they almost always have one thing in common: They fail to truly showcase what is unique about the company.

My advice is always the same the first few times we look at the presentation. Simplify and focus. I also share the following advice:

1. Stop jamming way too much information into the presentation.

You are likely trying to make sure you have a slide to answer every question that every investor could ever ask. The result is information overload;

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Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham start to adjust to the reality of a Biden presidency

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Joe Biden holding a sign: WILMINGTON, DE - NOVEMBER 23:  President-elect Joe Biden speaks during a virtual meeting with the United States Conference of Mayors on November 23, 2020 in Wilmington, Delaware. As President-elect Biden waits to be approved for official national security briefings, the names of top members of his national security team are being announced to the public. Calls continue for President Trump to concede the election and let the transition proceed without further delay. (Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images)

© Mark Makela/Getty Images
WILMINGTON, DE – NOVEMBER 23:  President-elect Joe Biden speaks during a virtual meeting with the United States Conference of Mayors on November 23, 2020 in Wilmington, Delaware. As President-elect Biden waits to be approved for official national security briefings, the names of top members of his national security team are being announced to the public. Calls continue for President Trump to concede the election and let the transition proceed without further delay. (Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images)

President Trump is not officially conceding, but most of the country is moving on. There was a perceptible shift in the right-wing winds on Monday both before and after the Trump administration formally signed off on President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.

The General Services Administration’s statement followed a day

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77% of KSA consumers are shopping more online since the start of pandemic, reveals Mastercard study

According to the survey, groceries, healthcare, apparel and banking have seen the highest surge of online activity.

More than 68% of Saudi consumers said they had shopped online for groceries, 73% for clothing, and over 65% of respondents said they had purchased medicine online. And, as e-commerce increasingly becomes a part of everyday life, consumers are moving other aspects of their financial management to digital, with 64% of respondents having started banking online.

The research also reveals the rising impact of social media on consumer spending habits, with 58% and 61% of respondents saying they had discovered new sellers through Facebook and Instagram respectively.

Mastercard has been working with businesses, financial institutions and other stakeholders to advance digital payments in the Kingdom, and the pandemic has reinforced the necessity to continue evolving the safe and secure consumer payment experience. From a simplified online checkout experience to an in-store tap on

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How UN Helped Benin Become World’s Fastest Place to Start a Business via a Mobile Phone

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Ian Richards is an economist at the UN working on development finance and digital government.

Credit: UN Conference on Trade Development (UNCTAD), Geneva

GENEVA, Nov 24 2020 (IPS) – Until recently, Benin was best known for its cotton exports and its vibrant clothing designs. Since this year it is also the fastest place in the world to start a company. By providing a full online service, the government helped entrepreneurs create businesses and jobs during the pandemic. A third of Benin’s new entrepreneurs are women.

Earlier this year Sandra Idossou, a Beninese entrepreneur who had earlier run a media business, decided she wanted to open a handicrafts shop in the country’s bustling commercial capital, Cotonou. Having found a shop space, her next step was to obtain a permit to

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I gave my daughter $20K to start a company with her husband. They divorced and he got the business. Can I ask for it back?

Dear Moneyist,

In 2012, my daughter and her husband (at the time) wanted to start a business. She asked for a loan of $20,000 to start the business, but I decided to make that part of her inheritance. So I gave them $20,000. Now they are divorced, and he got the business. Can I ask him for the $20,000 back given that the money was meant for my daughter as her inheritance?

Any advice would be appreciated. They both live in Michigan.


The Father in Naples, Fla.

Dear Father,

You gave the money to your daughter as an advance on her inheritance. That was your gift to her, and she used it to start a business with her husband, which makes that $20,000 and the business marital or community property. It was, in legal parlance, commingled.

You can ask for it back, and appeal to your brother-in-law’s generosity of

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Employers start sending workers shopping for health coverage

A federal rule change last year stoked this new approach. It allows employers to reimburse workers for coverage they bought without paying a tax penalty.

The concept sends employees to individual insurance markets where they can find more choices for coverage. It also protects employers from huge annual cost spikes. But it’s a big change for workers who are used to having their employer give them benefit choices every year.

This new approach — known as an Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement or ICHRA — started with coverage plans for this year. More workers will likely see them offered this fall during their company’s annual sign-up window for 2021 coverage.

Benefits experts say the idea is drawing interest from employers, but they expect the option to grow slowly over the next few years.

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US business leaders press Donald Trump to start transition to Joe Biden

US business leaders are turning up the pressure on Donald Trump to begin the transition to Joe Biden’s administration, warning that further delays threaten America’s attempts to control the public health and economic crises caused by Covid-19. 

Larry Fink, chairman and chief executive of BlackRock, and David Solomon, chairman and chief executive of Goldman Sachs, joined more than 160 executives in voicing their concerns on Monday in a letter organised by the non-profit Partnership for New York City. 

“Withholding resources and vital information from an incoming administration puts the public and economic health and security of America at risk,” they wrote, warning that “every day that an orderly presidential transition process is delayed, our democracy grows weaker in the eyes of our own citizens and the nation’s stature on the global stage is diminished.” 

Kathryn Wylde, the Partnership for New York City’s chief executive, said her members had convened after

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Why 2021 Could Be the Best Year For You to Start a Company

Now that 2020 has encouraged us to embrace the fact that so many things are out of our control, we’re able to see more clearly what has been working in the world, and what hasn’t. We also have more time to put our energy toward areas of our lives that are within our control.

a person sitting at a table

© Thomas Barwick | Getty Images

I launched my company Ohwabisabi Media in the midst of the pandemic with one thing in mind — to amplify the voices, through media, of conscious leaders who ought to be heard during these unprecedented and challenging times. It is during times like this when a new wave is created — not only in how business is done, but also in leadership.


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During the 1957 to 1958 recession, the first Hyatt hotel opened.

Microsoft was founded during the oil embargo recession of 1973 to 1975.

The Great Recession

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Business Leaders Call for Transition to Start: Election Update

(Bloomberg) — Some top names on Wall Street call for the transition to begin. Pennsylvania counties face a deadline to certify results Monday. And President-elect Joe Biden named two more top members of his White House team.

There are 15 days until the deadline for states to certify their results, 21 days until the Electoral College meets, 44 days until Congress certifies the results and 58 days until inauguration.

Other Developments:

Schwarzman Says Trump Needs to Move On From the ElectionTrump Faces Rising Pressure From Allies to Concede to BidenPennsylvania Republicans Seek to Block Vote CertificationGiuliani Drops Sidney Powell as Trump ‘Strike Force’ Splits

Business Leaders Call for Transition to Start

More than 100 chief executives are calling on President Donald Trump’s administration to begin the transition process.

In an open letter, the executives said that withholding financial resources and access to top officials was hurting national security as

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